As It Happens coverAs It Happens is an album of compositions made using Scape, Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers’ generative music app. I’ll be writing more about Scape soon, but briefly: it’s an iPad app which generates music from whichever of its sonic elements and backgrounds you choose to include.

I bought Scape earlier this year and have played with it extensively since then, to the point where it now feels almost like playing a familiar, versatile, but somewhat unpredictable instrument. Along the way I’ve put together a number of compositions which, on some play-throughs at least, sound like pieces of music I would want to listen to repeatedly.

With this in mind, and with a view to sharing the music with others who may not have an iPad or the Scape app, I decided to make recordings of each of my favourite tracks until I captured a version of each which I felt brought all of the elements together in the most pleasing, musical way.

All of the recordings represent the output of the app, as it happens, straight out of the iPad. There are no overdubs or similar edits. What I have done is to shorten many of the recordings by fading in at the point at which my ‘ideal’ track begins, and fading out when it ends. I’ve also used a few Cubase plugins to push up the volume of the recordings, and, since it’s not possible to adjust the levels of individual elements, I’ve used EQ extensively to balance out the overall sound of the recordings and get everything sitting in together as far as possible.

You can use this link to download a zip file of the album in an iTunes-friendly folder. Just unzip it and use File -> Add Folder To Library in iTunes to import it, or use your favourite media player to play the files, which are 192 kbps mp3s.

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